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Best Corporate Retreats for Senior Leaders

Specializing in Corporate Retreats for Senior Management in Asia.

The One Stop Shop for the best corporate retreats for high end and senior management retreats is flexible to serve your specific needs. Designed and Built by global top ten leadership and organizational culture thought leader Arthur Carmazzi, Avalon is specifically designed to support real results for a group of leaders to achieve in a completely private and inspiring atmosphere.

Arthur Carmazzi is ranked as one of the
world's top 10 thought leaders in organizational culture and leadership as well as best selling author.

He has built Avalon to support the need of senior management who have more specific needs when it comes to luxury, privacy and being objective focused. And so Arthur Carmazzi designed specifically for Senior Management to get the best corporate retreats incorporating elements of ancient civilizations with modern comfort

Best Corporate Retreats in Bali for Senior Managers
Amplify your talent with one of Arthur Carmazzi’s Leadership or
Organisational Culture Development Retreats, or Design Your Own Best Corporate Retreat!
Arthur Carmazzi’s Avalon, an exclusive and
Private Resort to achieve strategic and development objectives
Carved into the volcanic stone mountain,
Avalon is forged out of power and designed to impress even the fussiest of senior leaders with its drastically unique environment.

The Best Corporate Retreats have Multiple event and breakout areas also add to the diversity and mind refreshing qualities of the venue… and, since the entire resort is Private for YOUR GROUP ONLY, each area is always at your disposal.

beautiful resort for corporate retreat
Hire the beautiful resort for your own retreat and we'll be there to support you throughout, to helping you arrange your perfect experience

Bali is a global destination because of it extraordinarily unique culture, its natural beauty and architecture, and it’s ethereal soul healing energy 


A variety of customized international homemade meals including Vegan, Halal (meat and utensils), and Gourmet Vegetarian as well as BBQs

Room Facilities

Merging the Exclusivity of a Great Sculpture, the Luxury of a Castle, and the Personality of a Family Home with an Objective Focused Intention to Achieve

Ready to have a Perfect Corporate Retreat?

As a dedicated retreat center in Bali with extensive training, workshop and event experience, WE KNOW what YOU NEED! Corporate Retreats at Avalon will help you have a No Stress Experience where we take care of everything to make sure you have a successful Event!

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