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If you are a senior manager, trainer, coach, HR manager, or global celebrity, and you want to gather a group to learn, create or achieve specific goals… tell us your desired outcomes and we can support you to achieve them.

With seven event-ready venues within the Avalon indoor and outdoor areas including the Ayung River, and multiple retreat activities that can be added to your curriculum to make your retreat more interesting while keeping relevant… You will get more value and your guests will get more results and probably more fun achieving the results

Catering to your audience’s food requirements is also a priority here, we know you may have various religious and dietary preferences and we have accommodated for most.

We will work with you to design the right mix for the results you want to achieve
Ready to have a retreat?

Entering the gate and driving up the dirt road to the lodge, your heart rate slows
and you feel your body relax as you absorb the breathtaking beauty of this hidden treasure.