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Expanding and internalizing a powerful Leadership Identity requires an experiential process that enhances our abilities in Understanding Organizational Behavior, Communication, Time Management and Strategic Thinking… which in turn lead to additional skills and perceptions that become internalized at psychological and subconscious levels to develop into habits.The Directive Communication psychology starts with a framework of self awareness and an understanding how we affect and are affected by our environment. DC programs have consistently outperformed traditional training with our immediately visible and measurable results. And with our e-followup, DC has the means to sustain and grow those results long after the training is finished.

The Hero’s Way is that journey, incorporating the powerful Directive Communication Psychology to elicit the qualities that will bring out the hero in you no matter what your position.

The Hero Leader has the full scope of skills required to engage and bring out the BEST in the people around them… but this is NOT a “Do it my way” process. Each leader goes through a process of discovering their OWN IDEAL LEADERSHIP IDENTITY which supports sustainable and actionable leadership competence

Participants from various industries, cultures, education levels and positions have experienced Visible Results in their abilities to affect influence, productivity and personal fulfillment. Directive Communication psychology cultivates groups that develop individuals, their peers, superiors and subordinates to achieve higher levels of performance and motivations.

Visible results for the hero's way leadership development training
  • Super awesome personal & organizational leadership
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Strategic thinking
  • Strategic agility
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Coaching skills
  • Psychology of time management
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